Mashvisor Real Estate Podcast: Top 5 Rental Properties This Week

Mashvisor Real Estate Podcast: Top 5 Rental Properties This Week: Apr 18th-24th, 2021

April 26, 2021 Mike Richardson Season 1 Episode 14
Mashvisor Real Estate Podcast: Top 5 Rental Properties This Week
Mashvisor Real Estate Podcast: Top 5 Rental Properties This Week: Apr 18th-24th, 2021
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On episode number 14 of the Mashvisor Real Estate Podcast: Top 5 Rental Properties This Week our host Mike Richardson interviews Joe Mivshek, one of the most experienced and diversified agents in the Colorado real estate market. He's working with KellerWilliams Realty. Joe has been helping home owners and real estate investors bu and sell properties for many years. He is also an active member of the local community who is up to date on all recent developments and trends in Colorado.

In this episode Joe provides insights on:

  • The current state of the Colorado market
  • The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on Colorado real estate
  • The factors that make Colorado a perfect location for investing in both traditional and Airbnb rental properties
  • The dominant property type for investors
  • The best Colorado cities for both rental strategies

Mike and Joe have selected for you 5 of the absolutely most profitable real estate investment properties in the Colorado market which are currently available for sale. These properties offer significantly more cash flow and return on investment than other available listings.

Rental Property #1:

  • Multi-family home
  • Denver
  • Ideal for traditional renting

Rental Property #2:

  • Townhome
  • Denver
  • Ideal for Airbnb renting

Rental Property #3:

  • House
  • Leisters Park
  • Ideal for Airbnb renting

Rental Property #4:

  • Condo
  • Steamboats Springs
  • Ideal for Airbnb renting

Rental Property #5:

  • Single-family home
  • Silverthorne
  • Ideal for Airbnb renting

If any of these lucrative investment properties sounds like the right fit for your real estate  investing strategy, make sure to check it out right away. Properties like these don't stay on the market for more than a couple of weeks.

To check out any of the top 5 rental properties this week, visit the Mashvisor platform or contact Joe Mivshek at (970) 420-7163.

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This is the mashvisor Real Estate podcast. Top five rental properties this week, Episode number 14. Hey guys, it's me, Mike Richardson, senior investor, consultant and product specialist here at mashvisor. I'm so excited to welcome you to episode number 14 of the mashvisor Real Estate podcast. Top five rental properties of this week. This episode is going to be really special since I have Joe Mivshek, one of our top performing real estate agents in Colorado. And I have had the pleasure of working with him for years now. So Joe, so happy to have you here with us today on the Mashvisor Real Estate podcast. How are you doing today? Great, Mike, thanks for the introduction. It's been a good couple of years working with mashvisor. Wonderful, Joe, we would love to hear more about your background and your experience in the real estate field. Okay, so for the listeners, I've lived in Colorado for about 40 years. I was born and raised in Wyoming, Rock Springs, Wyoming. Went to University of Wyoming and then moved down to the Denver area where I was the assistant sales manager at the Denver Business Journal, and then came up to Fort Collins, Colorado a little bit later to start the northern Colorado Business Journal. So kind of started off in journalism, selling advertising mainly. My wife and I we have four kids. The youngest is age 13. I've had several businesses I've run, you know, I've owned coffee shops, I've written youth programs, sports camps. Currently, I have a couple of businesses I work with. I started the school newsletter company up here in Northern Colorado, probably about eight years ago, nine years ago. We produce newsletters for all the schools in the county, mobile ready so that their parents can look at it on their email, refer back to it. And then we put ads in there and the money goes to the school. So the schools have gotten over 600,000 plus dollars from this program over the last, you know, eight or nine years. I also am the Colorado guy for Casa senior homecare. I have franchises through that company. So a little bit of everything and again, I understand, you know, business owners and investors and you know, whether it's residential or commercial, I can help people out. Wonderful, Joe. Well, thanks so much for sharing, giving us a little bit of insight on who you are. And Joe, all the work you've done has been great. I've been referring clients to you for years now. Their feedback has been wonderful. They've loved working with you. So I wanted to have you on today just to share some more insight on the market, helping investors who are using the mashvisor platform or exploring potential deals in the Colorado market, get a better understanding of what to expect and understand the market a little bit better. So I wanted to start out with one of the biggest impacts we've had this year is the coronavirus pandemic, and we wanted to see what kind of impact it's had on the Colorado market since it's influenced a lot of the cities in the US real estate market. So how has the coronavirus pandemic affect Colorado specifically? Well, I think, you know, strangely has helped the Colorado market. Colorado's market, the economy's very diverse, in 2008, you know, lost a little value but not much. Not like other areas of the country. Colorado is a go to state I mean, besides tourism, people just love the mountains, they love doing stuff outdoors. Once people come and visit, they know that, you know it's not year round snow here. I mean, we had snow two days ago and it was 60 degrees the next day, so I never really slowed down because the economy is diverse. I think it also helped in a lot of people that you know, worked in big cities and had to go to the office, now they can buy a mountain home, you know, if you lived in downtown San Francisco and you own something down there and now you can, you know sell it and spend you know 600, 800,000 on a 2500 square foot Mountain Home with views and still work from there, why wouldn't you. And so I think Colorado still gonna keep rolling. I mean, I see 18 to 24 months of strong growth and then, you know, I think inflation will be a factor in the future, but we'll see what happens. All right, sounds good. What are the most important factors that have made Colorado a good place to invest in the year 2021 and in the year 2020? Well, I think that people like depreciation when prices have gone up, people make a good living here. Median incomes is a lot, you know, somewhat higher than other areas of the contrary, so people can afford a little more in rent. There's lots of jobs. I mean, you know, good paying jobs. I know that this week, you know, Colorado's a top vacation spot. And Brian Chesky, the CEO of Airbnb this week said on CNBC that there's going to be a problem, probably a high class problem where there's gonna be more guests coming to Airbnb than they'll have hosts. And he thinks that Airbnb, which lists 4 million hosts at present, had 5.6 million before everything happened. And he was saying that they're going to need a million plus more hosts, and a lot of those, a million in Colorado, but they're gonna need a lot more homes. Airbnb is going to be, you know, it's already showing high demand, you know, as the masks come off, the dollars come out. And so this is the time to start gathering up the properties. Interesting. And based off your experience with working with investors, what has been their primary interest? What property types are they mainly focused on? I think single family homes. I mean, there's lots of apartments, I think Denver itself, apartment wise, is overbuilt. And there's still apartments going up everywhere, and they have vacancy, decent vacancies and a lot of the bigger ones. Single family homes seems to be what people want. They don't want to live with a bunch of other people anymore. I mean, people that own the, you know, condo type of thing in downtown Denver, well, now they're looking to the suburbs to buy a home where people are going out, you know if they can work from home and live in the mountains. So single family homes is really the trend. Condos, townhomes? You know I still sell plenty of those. I actually flipped a couple last year. I don't, you know, though I don't like about them as some have some unfair HOA. So if it's a fair HOA, I will look at him. But, if there's some 600 $700 HOA on one of those things that doesn't even make sense. So most times, you know, I still think single family homes is the way to go. Interesting. And do you think that the Colorado market is affordable for beginner investors? What can people expect for the average property price for this year? So it's for affordable, sort of subject. But affordable, you know, there are areas in Colorado that are affordable. The ones that are higher price, they're getting bigger rents anyway, so it all averages out. Denver right now the median list price for a home in Denver is 736,000. And if you look back to April 2018, it was about 580,000. Let me just pick one more market here. Let's talk about, well, let's look at Fort Collins, where I live. So for Fort Collins, the median list price right now is 598, and in April 2018 it was 473. So it's gone up a ton in the last few years but rent, I mean the rent in Fort Collins, the median rent is up to 2000. And it used to be about 1400. So $600, you know, a huge increase in rent also. Absolutely. Well, we're hearing the numbers from you. We're seeing anywhere between 20 to 30% over the last two years in appreciation, what can investors expect for the average annual appreciation in Colorado? So over the last 10 years, ever since well 11 years, since 2010, it's been around 9 to 11% depending on the area. So I think Mountain Towns, Denver... That's a great rate. Yeah, Boulders gone up a lot. Yeah. And has this made the Colorado market a seller's market or a buyers market? Seller's all the way. I mean right now, and I'll just take four columns one more time. We're at 27% of normal inventory. So we're nowhere near the inventory needed this time of year. I mean, Colorado used to be pretty much you know, the selling season was April 1 till, you know, September. I mean, now, it's year round. I mean, most realtors that are, you know, halfway decent, they're busy 12 months out of the year. There's no hot season. I mean, people are buying stuff in the winter even where they didn't do that as much, you know, years ago. But it is definitely a seller's market, even there's a small town called La Salle, it's just basically a little town that, you know, farms around here and there and not even really a downtown and just a couple restaurants, couple of convenience stores. And even in that area, small houses going for 350,000. And really, five years ago, you could have bought that stuff for 150. So it doesn't matter where you're at in Colorado, there's a huge demand. The mountain towns are a lot more even. I mean, the mountain towns have gone up more recently than the others. That sounds extremely exciting Joe, to hear a lot of good things about the Colorado market. There is one thing that comes to mind, and it's with regards to traditional rentals. Is Colorado a landlord friendly or tenant friendly state? I would say it's landlord friendly. I mean, property taxes are fairly low. Somewhat easy eviction process for landlords. On the property tax side though, for years, we had a rule that I forgot the name of it right now. But it could only be a certain percentage of the state government income could come from property tax. And then this last election, for some reason, people took that limit off. I mean, I don't know who the people were. But I should call them up and asked why because no way should they be allowed to just do whatever with property tax. And this people of this state actually, for some reason voted to have no limit on property tax, which is mind boggling to me. You know, I don't know anybody that wants higher taxes on their homes. But there was enough to send that. So that might change a little bit. Property Tax could go up more than it did before but hopefully not. In your opinion Joe, what cities in Colorado, would you recommend are optimal for traditional investments and which are much more geared towards Airbnbs? If you were to pick up your top two cities for both rental strategies? Well Airbnb, of course, I would pick Mountain Towns. I would pick, you know, suburbs of Denver. For Airbnb type situations, there's a suburb called Morrison, which is on the west side of Denver that there's a lot of shopping out there, Red Rocks, amphitheater is out there with the concerts. You know, it's kind of a gateway to the mountains because you just jump on A70 and, you know, an hour you can be to Breckenridge or half hour you could be a Blackhawk and do some gambling. As far as traditional rentals, I mean, Colorado Springs, you know, is a great place. Greeley, I think is a great place because they're still good house, you know, affordable houses. Sterling, Colorado, it's up in the northeast part of the state. It's pretty, you know, oil and gas heavy but there's no builders up there. There's no a building or anything. And so as gas prices go up, they're gonna have a little bloom again, more workers. And last time they had a bunch of workers they put up 200 trailers to house them because they didn't have housing. So you know, Sterling would be just one of those out of the box type places where it doesn't seem like it makes money but the houses are pretty cheap up there. Okay. Well, Joe, we also wanted to get some of your insights on some of those Airbnb markets. How are the regulations with regards to Airbnbs, is it flexible and which markets should investors avoid, that are putting short term rental restrictions? Avoid Denver. The city of Denver, it has to be your primary residence or they, you know, the ADU are the mother in law suite type thing. They're not letting people just buy houses and let them Airbnb. I know it goes on but it's against the rules of the city. Most other areas, you just have to have a license. If you go to the Mountain Towns or Fort Collins, you just have to get a license because they want the tax revenue. The rents are high for Airbnb, a lot higher than traditional, that's for sure. Okay, great. Well, thanks for that insights. So where do you see the market heading in the next two to three years for Colorado and some of the cities that you've mentioned? Well, I look at everything, you know, I listen to podcasts like these and I listen to economists. I like listening to futurists, people that have actually predicted stuff that's going to happen 15 20 years out. And I think most of them are saying that, the run up we've had and the shortage of inventory could go another 18 to 24 months. And it doesn't matter what side of the fence you're on. You know, whether you're a Democrat or Republican, I think the economy runs like a waterfall in a huge rainstorm for a while here. I think it's just going to go and go and go. And like I said, when the masks come off, the money comes out. I mean, we know for a fact that credit card debt, over the time that we've been doing the COVID stuff, credit card debts gone way down. And savings has gone way up, even though people haven't had jobs, they haven't spent anything. And so now you're seeing a pent up demand and I think that from everything from housing to, you know, vacations, it doesn't matter. People are gonna be spending like crazy. Now, most people think that after that 18 to 24 months of, you know, kind of a keep going up low inventory, high prices, that there will be a little flattening. There's going to be inflation, there's going to be an inflationary time in the next 24 to 48 months, two to four years. Because prices can't just go up. I mean it's not just houses, it's milk, it's gas, it's everyday supplies, it's electricity. So inflation is going to hit and it's going to burst some people's bubble. But Colorado home prices won't go down necessarily, they may live flat for a while, but they're not going to go down. That's extremely interesting Joe. There has been a lot of people who have been thinking of getting into real estate, or people that have considered the state of Colorado but are unsure. What are your words or your feedback on getting started with Colorado? So I only have three words, buy, buy, buy. And the reason I say that is, you know, I look back at all the times and said, Oh gee, everybody says, oh, man, I should have bought a year ago, you know, I should have bought. We're gonna keep saying this for the whole time we're alive. So I'll turn 60 this July and there's been many times in the last 40 years that I've said, you know, that I've had an opportunity that I've passed up and then I'm like, oh, man, I should have done that. Or, you know, I should have bought that house. I think the run up on prices continues. You're not going to lose your money. And Colorado, like I said, I mean, there's it's still going to appreciate over the next two years, rents are going to go up and you know, we may flatten out for a year or so. But you're not going to lose any money in this market. You just not. Yeah, I would say buy buy buy and don't wait because it's people like me that thinking damn, you know, when I was 25 30 when I had this money, I should have bought it. Well, people need to be just buying. I mean, it's places like Colorado, Austin, Texas. A lot of places that I think that it's a little high priced, it seems but it's not going to go down, and it's only going to flatten out. I mean, it's just not going to dive under what you bought it for. Well, Joe, those words, buy, buy buy seem extremely exciting, and based off a lot of the information you've shared with us today and your experiences, I think people should explore some potential deals. Today we picked out five properties, me and Joe that we think are suitable investment properties for different rental strategies, different property types, we would love to share them with you today we actually had a sixth property it was in colorado springs up, but we didn't get the chance to also share this property didn't stay on the market for longer. It was only listed for 11 days and it did get sold. So we're going to be sharing these five for you. The first two that we have are in the city of Denver, one is a multifamily, the second is a townhome the multifamily offers investors a successful and lucrative investment opportunity through traditional long term lease. The townhome offers investors an Airbnb and traditional strategy. Joe, we'd love to get some insights on Denver. What can you tell us about the Denver market? Well, as far as Denver, I think that, the trend seems to be, not a massive trend, but a trend out of, you know, apartments and more into something with less people. So whether it's a house, or my son actually works for Bungalow, it's a company that what they do is they buy the house, and then they lease a room. They don't do the traditional, you know, rent the whole house type of thing, they actually set it up so that four people can live in four different bedrooms, each having a bathroom, and then they share the common areas. And it's a great way to go because instead of getting 2500 a month, you're getting 4000 a month for the same house, just setting it up like that. The Denver market itself like I said, I would go with single family homes, there's areas of Denver that are hot, hot neighborhoods. South of downtown, on the other side of I 25 there's a lot of good neighborhoods. I just wouldn't be right in the center of the town where all the you know, there's so many apartments and there's so many office buildings, and I truly believe in commercial that there's going to be office buildings that are turned into apartments, because they're not going to have enough office people to fill these offices. So I think some of the office buildings will even turn into apartments one day. I would avoid that. But there's plenty of areas around Denver that are great, and rents are high. Rents are high, traditional or Airbnb all around, you know, in the single family homes. Interesting. Well, for the first property, the address is 129, West Third Avenue, that's in Denver, Colorado, and the zip code is 80223, the asking price for this duplex is $825,000. The property has a great rate of return based off our calculations we're estimating $60,000 in annual gross. And after all of your expenses, we are evaluating a potential rate of return for a property like this that helps you generate a 5% cap rate. So for this price point and that type of rate of return, this is an absolutely great deal for investors to consider. If this sounds like a property that is a suitable fit for you feel free to check out the property in the show notes below. You can reach out to Joe, he'll give you more insights on the market, the area that the property is listed in. And some of the rates of return that you can expect for a property like this. Now for our second home in Denver, it's as mentioned a townhome. I was gonna say that on the one we just talked about that one's a great one. It's an older home. It was actually built in 1890, and people millennials, they'd love that, you know, built in 1890 built in 1910 historical type, you know, that had been redone. But anyway, that's just my two cents on that one. Absolutely. Thanks for sharing that insight on that property. For the second property in Denver, it's as mentioned a townhouse. The address is 4359, Claude ct, and that's in Denver, Colorado, the zip code is 80216. The asking price is $525,000, which it offers you three beds, three baths 1837 square footage. We mentioned that this property is a suitable fit for investors who are looking to both Airbnbs and traditional. It has a great rate of return for both strategies, you can expect a $5,333 average comparable Airbnb income based off the Airbnb data in that market. And for a traditional strategy, you can expect a $3,100 a monthly income over a 12 month lease and that puts your cap rate up to all of your expenses at the cost of the home at 8.71% for Airbnb, so that's absolutely phenomenal for that price point. And 5% for a traditional long term rental. Do you have any insights that you can give us about this property Joe? Yeah, this one's another fun one. This one was built in 1894, totally remodeled. It's a really unique look and house and you said three bedroom three bath it is individual units. So it's three bed three bath, but they're all individual units. So you know put a queen size bed in all three of them and rent all three of them out. But a fun house and easy to get to a lot of downtime type of things right there. Wonderful, Joe, thanks for sharing that insight. The next property that we have on our list for today is in Estes park, Colorado. It's geared towards Airbnbs. What's your insight on the area there, Joe? Well, Estes park is the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. It's growing a lot in the last 20, 25 years. The only hold up last summer was Estes Park was one of them that got evacuated from the fires because we had the fires in the mountains and there was one night that Estes park part of it were actually threatened which was you know, pretty terrifying since that's a very large town with pretty much one way out. You can go to Boulder or you can go to Fort Collins. There's a road in each direction. But it's great, people love in the summertime. Winter rentals, I don't know how much they do in the winter. I'm just saying summertime its huge up there, wintertime its probably a little lackluster. Because there is no ski mountain around there. Most people go up there for the Rocky Mountain National Park and the lakes and the hiking. And they have all kinds of festivals all summer, but it's a great town. I love Estes park. Actually Estes park is showing the average Airbnb occupancy rate over a year period at 54%. So that aligns with some of the insight that Joe has given us. It might be geared more towards the summer months, unlike the winter months, but the rate of return that we can expect on this property is great for its price point. The address is 541 Hundios Cir, and that's in Estes Park, Colorado. The zip code is 80517, the asking price is $775,000 that offers you three bedrooms and three baths around 3000 square footage. Based of our evaluation, collecting data directly from the Airbnb website to identify how this property will perform once it's been rented as an Airbnb you can expect $6,500 averagely over a 12 month timeframe renting the property as an Airbnb. We've also accounted for different expenses like insurance fees, utilities, property management, maintenance, property taxes, and HOA. So all of those have been reduced in your calculations and you're still able to get a 7% cap rate on this type of property. And what's really great about this property is it's one of the optimal types of homes in the area based off the data from the Airbnb website. So it has a potential occupancy rate of 68%. So there's a lot of stability this property will rent out more than other Airbnbs in that area. So if this is a property that you think you'd like to learn more about, you'll find the information in the show notes. You can check the property out on the Mashvisor platform, or reach out to Joe directly who can provide you with more insights. Now next on our list for today, our fourth property it's in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Joe, what's your insight on the area? What can you provide us to help investors get more comfortable since this is an Airbnb property? So I love Steamboat Springs. Steamboat Springs is probably a little harder to get to for a ski area but Steamboat Springs is a small city. It's been there a long time it has its own High School. You know, it's a year round destination. During the summer months they have you know, festivals, but they have huge baseball tournaments up there. Triple Crown does all their tournaments there so you get people from all around the country and even from other countries that come to tournament for baseball. You know, ski mountain has has snow earlier than most places. So the ski mountains open earlier and later than a lot of the other ones. But there's everything there. I mean, the river runs through town. There's just so much to do in steamboat. And they're not building a lot of stuff. I mean, I know that they're putting up condos here and there, but there isn't a lot being built elsewhere, but it's a great ski town. It's a great summer town. I love steamboat, if I had a place to live in Colorado it would be steamboat. Great, well, this one is located at the base of the Steamboats ski resort. And as you mentioned, condos are booming in the area so this is a condo as well. The address is 2155, ski Times Square drive and that's in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, the zip code is 80487 the asking price is $604,000. It's a two bedroom two bathroom condo with 1616 square footage. Based off the Airbnb data in the market we are looking at an average Airbnb occupancy rate of 50 50%. The optimal strategy in this area is an Airbnb anywhere between two to four beds, getting it at the right price. Based off the numbers and based off Airbnb is in the area, this property has the potential to perform at 5400 monthly income over a 12 month timeframe. Renting it out as an Airbnb you'll have a 48% occupancy rate. And after excluding all of your expenses, even a local management company who will look out for the property, you will end up with a 7 or 6.91% cap rate on a property like this. So that's absolutely phenomenal for this price point. Most locations with these price points if you were looking at Austin or Bellevue, you would be very lucky to end up with a 3 or 4% cap rate. So property does bring in double that value in a great location that you can use the property at any point and generating a phenomenal return is something that you should absolutely check out. So if this property sounds like a suitable fit for you, feel free to check out the property in our show notes below or reach out to Joe directly who can help you gather more information, and see if this property is the right investment for you. Last but not least on our list is in Silverthorne Colorado. Joe, what's your insight on this city? Silverthorne is right there, it has the Blue River next to it. Silverthorne is just off I 70 and Silverthorne is in between. So it's about 15 minutes to Breckenridge, it's about 15 minutes to Keystone a different direction, about 15 minutes the other way to Copper Mountain, and then if you want to go to Vail, it's about 30 minutes. So it's in prime spot. It also is a town that people stay a lot longer because there is a high school that they go to there. It's closer to Breckenridge in Silverthorne. And then Silverthorne you can also you know, from Silverthorne, you can go two hours the other direction and hit Steamboat Springs. So Silverthorne is right on I 70 but it is literally the center point for going every direction. I mean, you can go you know, like I said to all these different ski areas. You know, it's right by national parks. It is a prime spot but it's right there on the interstate. So when you're going down I 70 you will Silverthorne. The Palmers house is a huge house and sits with tons of views. It is a spectacular home and people, you know, something like this people would pay top dollar to stay there with you know, another family or something with all the bedrooms. I'll let you take him. Well, Joe, thanks so much for providing some great insights on this area. The reason we wanted to pick out this properties of the numbers are just absolutely wonderful. I thought it was a property that investors would be extremely interested in based off the rates of return that you can generate. It's a single family home the address is 1360 Palmer's drive and that's in Silverthorne, Colorado. The zip code is 80498, the asking price is $1,950,000. It'll offer you six beds, six baths, around 5200 square footage. Based off the due diligence we've done, this property has the space to host anywhere between 14 to 16 people. So these a lot of people will be using this property and it's an optimal property type in the area based off the Airbnbs on the Airbnb website. The average Airbnb occupancy rate in the market for these property price points is 47%. So this tells you that there's a lot of stability. This is bringing a lot of international clients and clients anywhere that would be interested in using this property for an Airbnb. Now based off the Airbnbs in that area who have been performing for years, this property has the capability of generating anywhere between 110,000 to 126,000 in annual gross. That puts your cap rate anywhere between depending on how you are as a home owner or as an Airbnb host. I would prefer investors who are much more experienced in Airbnb is to focus on deals like this. This will be an optimal property for experienced Airbnb hosts. With this type of rate of return and all of your expenses being accounted for, you can expect anywhere between a 4 and a 5% cap rate depending on how well you perform, your average occupancy rate would be around 48%. So this is an outstanding deal. Me and Joe are very excited about this property. So if you feel this property sounds like a suitable fit for you, you'll find all the information that you need on the Mashvisor platform or in the show notes below, and you can always reach out to Joe to get more insights on the area on the property and help you gather all the information that you need to make a successful investment. Yeah, thanks for having me today Mike, and let's do it again next week. This is fun. Joe thank you so much for being with us today. I really appreciate all of the information you're able to provide our investors. And if anyone wants to reach out to Joe Mivshek feel free to do that. He's an experienced broker with Keller Williams, and he can help you anywhere you'd like in the state of Colorado. So if any of these properties we talked about today sound like a suitable fit for you, don't let these deals pass, check out those properties right away. So guys, these are the top five properties for Airbnb and traditional in the Colorado market for this week. These properties are all currently available for sale, but they will not stay on the market for too long. Deals like these usually get sold within a couple of weeks. So I really encourage you to look into them right away. Before we go, I'd like to offer you a special gift to help you get started in real estate investing. With promo code TAP5, that is capital T, capital A, capital P and the number five, you get access to a seven day free trial that will allow you to test out the platform, get comfortable with all the information. And if you decide to stay with us after the free trial, you will also benefit from a 15% discount on either our quarterly or annual subscriptions to Mashvisor and that is for life. So that's all for us this week guys. I'll be back next week with more exciting opportunities. Meanwhile, happy investing.